Everyone dreams of having a large kitchen in their home, right? However, for many a large kitchen can prove to be a blessing and a curse. The sheer amount of space at your disposal may seem like a godsend in theory, but if you’re not sure how to fill it, designing the room can feel like an overwhelming challenge.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we’re lucky enough to have fitted and assisted in the design process of many kitchens. Large or small, cosy or spacious, narrow or wide, there’s nothing we haven’t seen! With this in mind, we thought we’d provide some simple large kitchen ideas you can incorporate into your final design.

Add an island

In smaller kitchens, they may seem like a luxury addition, but in a larger kitchen, islands become much more important. If you have large open spaces between each “zone” of your kitchen (find out more about kitchen zones in our dedicated blog), then it’s inevitably going to take you longer to navigate when the time comes to prepare food.

The addition of a kitchen island is popular in large kitchen designs and removes this inconvenience, effectively giving you an extra, much larger worktop that’s located in the middle of your room. And who wouldn’t want that? This offers a much more accessible area to prepare your meals, allowing you to cook or bake in a central area, with much less walking involved, saving on time!

Islands can also be used as a hub of socialising in the kitchen, as large kitchens are often guilty of lacking that intimate, cosy feel that makes guests feel welcome and relaxed. Perhaps you can pull up some chairs and use your island as a place to eat or have some drinks, the choice is yours.

Darker and dramatic?

You’ve probably heard the old adage that brighter colours create the illusion of a larger space, and this is most definitely true. But it’s only recommended for those with smaller kitchens for a reason! When presented with a larger kitchen, is making your space look even bigger necessary?

Perhaps you can use this opportunity to experiment with darker colours that you’d usually shy away from in a smaller space.  Afford yourself the luxury of opting for more dramatic tones that could potentially bring out the very best in your kitchen cabinets and doors.

Contrasting darker walls and a lighter shade of door could be the play here, providing an eye-catching design that’s well suited to your existing kitchen space.

More ceiling space to play with

More space on the ground ultimately means more space on your ceiling, too! If you’re in your kitchen right now, look above and evaluate your ceiling space. Is it looking a little bland and lost? Could any additions be made to make it a more stand out feature of your room?

When thinking about kitchen design ideas, we doubt your ceiling is considered much, if at all! But this element of your kitchen can play a huge part in creating a unique, wonderful space in a large area.

Some distinctive lighting could do the trick. High hanging or low hanging lights – depending on your preference – are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs, giving you plenty of choice to pick from! Exposed beams could also be used to give your kitchen a natural woodland theme, as well as giving your ceiling a “busier” look and reducing bare spaces.

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