With a rising world population, the standard home size is dropping, so that more homes can be built and one of the rooms that is sadly shrinking by the day is the kitchen. On the other hand, there’s also a tiny home movement which has swept the USA and has now found its way to the UK, where small is better. So, in this blog, we’ll take a look at just how you can make the most of your kitchen space, whether it be small by choice or through design.

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When it comes to small, compact kitchens, the layout is essential to making the most of your space, from making it easy to navigate when cooking up a family meal to simply being able to find the things you need, as well as making it easy to keep clean and clutter free. One of the best ways to utilise the space in your kitchen’s layout is to use built-in units, providing you with ample storage space while minimising the room taken up by kitchen cabinets and other kitchen appliances.


The size of a kitchen isn’t the most vital thing, but its functionality is! From high-quality appliances that make easy work of your cooking, washing and food preservation, to the simple storage of your kitchen equipment. And when it comes to minimising the space used up by your kitchen cabinets and cupboards, a fashionable trend of handless doors is a brilliant yet simple, space-saving solution, and by adding to them with soft close hinges (which here at the Kitchen Warehouse we offer free with all handless door purchases when you use the code ‘hinges’),  you can ensure supreme functionality to your kitchen storage as well.


Colour is a fantastic way of making the most of your small compact kitchen space, allowing you to make the space feel bigger through dynamic colour pairings. The classic black and white kitchen colour scheme can be perfect for making the walls and ceilings feel higher, while expanding the feeling of depth your kitchen provides. But if that classic theme isn’t to your taste, then not to worry as splashes of vibrant colours from reds and blue can be used in ways along walls, to gloss or matt kitchen units and structural beams, to not only alter the depth perception of your kitchen, but to provide a warmer and more welcoming environment.

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So, there you have three essential ways you can make the most of your small and compact kitchen, from a creative layout to perfect functionality and size altering colour schemes, and if you’d like the expert help of the Kitchen Warehouse team, with over 14 years of helping, not only homeowners, but kitchen showrooms and designer kitchen studios, to craft and design the highest quality kitchen units and accessories then give us a call today on 01765 640 000 or browse our full collection of kitchen units now!

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