A brand-new kitchen is a big investment. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is to shell out a lot of money for a new kitchen, only for it to become outdated after a couple of years. Creating a beautiful look for a kitchen that will remain appealing for years and years to come is something of an art. It’s also something that kitchen designers have spent years perfecting. However, while it is an art, there is no special secret to it either. There are timeless trends that exist in the world of kitchens. There are looks that are here to stay…

Timeless Trends: Creating a kitchen that is fashionable but lasts

This is the million-pound question: How do you create a kitchen that looks fashionable but is sure to remain on trend? As we all know, fashions come and go. The kitchen is no different.

In the 1950s, kitchens tended to favour pastel colours, bubble-shaped appliances and lots and lots of coloured lino! The 1960s was all about bright colours but overall design styles began to incorporate more straight, clean lines that created a modern feel. Kitchens remained functional and utilised every inch of available space. It was also the decade that stainless steel appliances began to appear.

In contrast to the flamboyant and carefree nature of the sixties, the 1970s was a far more sedate decade. This was reflected in terms of kitchen design too. Colours were more muted and a natural, wood palette became increasingly popular.

The 80s, 90s and contemporary kitchen styles

Kitchens from the 1980s were brighter, lighter and whiter, in general. It is here that you can really trace back the styles that largely make up the designs of our contemporary kitchens. White became the go-to design trend and good lighting really became a must-have.

In contrast to previous decades, the 1980s saw kitchens that had more calming and neutral designs. A consistency was brought to kitchen design that ran through cabinets, countertops and appliances.

Moving onwards through the 90s and onto the present day, kitchens became even more minimalist. The 1990s also saw the rise in popularity of kitchen islands. You can see how the looks of the 90s have been taken through and evolved into the contemporary kitchens we see today.

Timeless trends 2

Timeless trends and contemporary kitchen design styles

The contemporary kitchen tends to focus on straight lines and a minimalist approach. Cabinetry is generally larger than it was in previous generations – allowing for a lack of visible clutter. Islands offer a bit of everything, from extra worktop space to more storage solutions to additional seating. The open plan concept brings the kitchen, dining room and the living room together and connects them. Wood is still popular but stainless steel is also more popular than ever. Recessed and under-cabinet lighting provide more options and helps to create a range of moods.

In essence, contemporary kitchens are the result of five decades of evolving kitchen design. You can see a little bit of design touches from each and every decade in today’s kitchens.

So, what are the timeless trends that are here to stay? Here goes:

Timeless trends: Open layouts 

The open-plan layout has been a favourite for such a long time now in housebuilding and interior design that it is a safe bet it’s one trend that is going to be sticking around for a good while yet. Most modern homes have a large kitchen that connects to a dining room or living room. If you want to create the open-plan look in your kitchen, consider taking out a wall to truly open up the space.

Integrated appliances and induction cooking

Integrated appliances have become very popular in the kitchen and it’s not hard to see why. They provide a clean look. As panelling and built-in designs have evolved, virtually everything is possible. Similarly, induction cooking is becoming a must-have in the modern kitchen. As it means there is no need for large range hood, an induction burner is sure to become a timeless trend in the kitchen. With minimal maintenance and effort needed to clean, induction cooking is a trend that definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

timeless trends 6

Open shelving

Open shelves are becoming increasingly common additions to contemporary kitchen design. Why is the case? Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, they have obvious visual appeal – not least because they can be used to display, as well as to store items. Open shelving creates a homely feel to the kitchen space. However, when it comes to open shelving, it’s not just about the aesthetics. Open shelves can also be incredibly practical, giving you easy access to the items that you use the most in the kitchen.

Another bonus is that open shelves are extremely versatile. Simply add pops of colour to brighten things up. Change things around to create an instantly different look for the kitchen.

As with any aspect of interior design, less is often more. If you have open shelves but simply cram the space with more and more stuff, it will soon look messy and cluttered. Rather than the spacious and minimalist feel that you are striving for, you will have a disturbing feel of claustrophobia in the kitchen – absolutely the last thing you want!

Quartz worktops

The worktop is an integral part of any kitchen design, but is there a particular style that is timeless? The leader of the pack is a quartz countertop in this regard. Quartz worktops continue to grow in popularity. Not only are they renowned for the quality that they provide, quartz also offers a natural stone look that will never lose its appeal. On top of that, maintenance of quartz worktops is simple and straightforward. Unlike granite worktops, quartz gives you a timeless look that you will never grow tired of.


timeless trends 5

White – the perennial favourite

White remains a popular choice in kitchen design – either for the cabinets you choose or the walls. Indeed, white has always been a favourite with kitchen designers. White has a reputation for being timeless already, but if you want to ensure that your white kitchen never goes out of style, there are a couple of ways to it.

Firstly, you should strongly consider pairing the white with bold colours. This can be done in several ways. You could add either a backsplash or kitchen island in a block colour. Alternatively – and for a more subtle approach – simply place colourful accessories around the room. Secondly, the other recommendation for white is to combine it with wooden flooring. The results are sure to be stunning – and timeless.

Contrasting colours

Another trend that has been around for a while and now can be justifiably labelled as timeless is to use contrasting colours in the kitchen. Whether you are  pairing white and wood, or dark with soft colours, the possibilities are virtually limitless. But, get the contrast right and you will have a simply stunning look on your hands.

Kitchen islands

When you have something as stylish and practical as a kitchen island in any space, it really isn’t hard to see why statement islands are a timeless trend. These days, island units come in a wide range of shapes and styles. There really is something to suit all needs. No kitchen large enough should be without one!

Shaker-style kitchen units

No list of timeless trends for the kitchen would be complete without at least one style of kitchen cabinet design. But which one? There are a few candidates to be fair. Handleless kitchens are becoming ubiquitous with contemporary styling; solid wood and painted wood kitchens can really do no wrong either. However, the one endearing style is one kitchen design that has literally been popular for centuries – the Shaker kitchen.

Shaker-style kitchens have never gone out of fashion. There is something about the simplicity and elegance of these distinctive panelled cabinets that means they are the ideal choice for any space. Pair with the right complementary components and you have a match made in kitchen heaven. The style has both evolved and largely stayed the same over the years. These days there is just so much choice and stunning twists on the old classic. From Luxury Shaker to Signature Smooth Shaker and Modern Shaker, Kitchen Warehouse certainly have all bases covered when it comes to Shaker designs. Choose from soft or darker shades such as green, navy or grey, and combine with contemporary stainless steel accessories for a fantastic kitchen transformation that is guaranteed to last for years to come.

So, there you have it – timeless trends that bring together a nod to the past whilst looking to the future. These are the kitchen looks that are well and truly here to stay. Incorporate any of these elements into your kitchen design and you can be safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a look that will feel completely of the moment right now – but one that will retain its appeal for many years to come too.

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