Designing a Victorian style kitchen can present you with many ideas to consider. The age that brought us the expansion of the railway and societal reform during the 19th century provided a design that can still be incorporated into your home today. If you want to implement a Victorian style kitchen in more modern times, Kitchen Warehouse have brought you three things that will successfully help you achieve this look.

Victorian cabinets and wooden worktops

Contrasting solid wood such as oak and teak with bright and clean worktops is a hallmark of the Victorian age kitchen design, and can easily be achieved in your 21st century home. This is thanks to the wealth of kitchen unit options we have here at Kitchen Warehouse.

These two elements to combine to create a stunning effect in the room, and can be achieved with cream or white kitchen cabinets or replacement kitchen doors without having to undergo a massive overhaul in your kitchen. If you are looking to achieve a Victorian look, you should ditch marble and granite features, as these are more aligned to the Georgian era.

Freestanding pantry

A freestanding storage unit is a great addition to any home, however with a Victorian style kitchen, this really adds to the effect that you’re wanting to achieve. Not only is it a great aesthetic addition, but also adds valuable storage space and allows easy access to food, spices, herbs, appliances and cooking utensils.

Ensure that your freestanding pantry is made from similar materials as the rest of your kitchen units, and that it’s built using the same shades as your cabinets for maximum effect. You can use it as a way to include a standout feature in your kitchen but by doing so you will take away from the overall Victorian style of the room.

Copper appliances and utensils

Copper was a staple material used in many kitchens throughout the Victorian era. It was used in pots and pans, the kettle and even in kitchen piping and taps. To achieve a Victorian style kitchen in your home, you do not need to go overboard with this as it could make the room appear rustic. This would look quite out of place with the rest of your home if it is made and designed in a contemporary style.

Your Victorian style kitchen

Deciding between a modern style or a traditional design or creating a hybrid of the two can be a difficult choice to make.

If you want to go with an exclusively traditional look then what Is more appealing than a Victorian style kitchen in your home? The era that saw such change in the UK and across the world and also gave rise to an alternative design from the Georgian era that preceded it. Gone were the marble worktops, blue colour schemes and bronze accessories and in came wooden work surfaces, cream cabinets and copper finishes.

Creating a Victorian look in your home using Victorian style kitchen doors and units can be easily achieved by using these 3 tips to help you get started. If you would like some further inspiration as to how to create the perfect Victorian style kitchen then we would be more than happy to guide you. You can give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at and we will give you a quick and informed response.