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Kitchen Corner Base Units

  • Board :18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard
  • Board Thickness :18mm Egger MFC Board
  • Base Back Thickness :18mm Solid Back
  • Service Void :42mm Void
  • Base Unit Height :720mm + 150mm Adjustable Legs
  • Standard Availible Widths :800mm, 900mm, 1000mm
  • Construction :Pre-Inserted Cam & Dowels Ultra fast construction
  • Lipping :2mm ABS Visible edges lipped
  • Colours :11 Colours of Carcasses Available
  • Adjustment :Fully Adjustable Legs
  • Adjustment :Fully Soft Closing Hinges
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Magic Corner Unit
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LeMans Corner Unit
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If you’re struggling to find storage space in your kitchen and have a corner area in your kitchen that is unused and wasted, look no further than our kitchen corner base units!

Kitchen Warehouse UK has a wide variety of kitchen corner cupboards that can transform your kitchen into a spacious and organised area.

What are kitchen corner base units?

Kitchen corner base units are specially designed units that fit into the corner of your kitchen cabinets. They are perfect to maximise storage in your kitchen and better use otherwise wasted space.

Benefits of kitchen corner base units:

Using kitchen corner base units in your kitchen has numerous benefits. Firstly, they provide additional storage space for your cooking and kitchen items that would have otherwise been cluttered and disorganised.

Secondly, kitchen corner base units are available in various types, making your kitchen look modern and chic. Our styles include magic corner cupboards, Le Mans corner units, and carousel corner units.

What types of kitchen corner units are available?

We have suitable cabinets for every kitchen corner, from 575mm to 900mm and everything in between for kitchens of all heights. With regards to the practical mechanisms here are our main 3 styles:

Magic corner units:

Magic corner units are also known as pull-out units and are used in corner base cabinets. They are designed with complex pull-out mechanisms that enable the shelves to be withdrawn fully from the unit, allowing you to access all your items. Additionally, magic corner units are easy to install and can be customised to fit your kitchen's design.

Le Mans corner units:

Le Mans corner units are named after the famous 24-hour race and are designed to be angular at the back, making the most of the available space. They have two independent pull-out shelves and are relatively easy to access.

Carousel corner units:

A carousel kitchen corner base unit is an innovative and space-saving solution designed to maximise storage and accessibility in kitchen corner cabinets. This functional unit features a rotating shelf mechanism, often referred to as a "Lazy Susan," that allows for easy access to items within the cabinet.

For custom unit measurements, get in touch and we can talk through what you need.

Why order corner base units from Kitchen Warehouse?

We build all our corner base units with style in mind so you can match them to your ideal design. But they're also built to last. All kitchen corner unit sizes from Kitchen Warehouse are made from sturdy 18mm chipboard with 2mm ABS edging, guaranteeing durability.

You'll also find our corner kitchen units in a variety of sizes and colours. Simply browse our collection and order online.

How much does a corner base unit cost?

The cost of our corner base units varies depending on the size, shape, and material you choose.

For example, our Halifax Oak Matt Textured L-shaped corner base unit, measuring 900mm x 900mm, costs £351.23, whereas the Gloss Acrylic straight corner base unit, measuring 800mm in width, costs £195.91 at the time of writing.

Feel free to browse the various ranges of kitchen units we stock here at Kitchen Warehouse to find a cabinet style you love. Then scroll down to find the price of a corner base unit in your chosen style. Once you've found a corner base unit you're happy with, add it to your basket.

Speak to our experts about kitchen corner base units

With a corner base unit from Kitchen Warehouse you'll never need to worry about running out of storage or leaving wasted space around the edge of your kitchen units. You can browse our range of kitchen units and replacement cabinet doors on our website or get in touch for more information about our corner base units.

Call us on to speak to a team member or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Kitchen Corner Base Unit FAQs

What are the benefits of corner base units?

Corners are an awkward space to fill when it comes to functional furniture. When runs of kitchen units meet at a right angle, this is often called a ‘blind corner'. It forms a deeper cupboard space with a smaller access area, making it difficult to see inside correctly and reach items stored further back.

This may not seem like a benefit – why have a corner base unit there if it's challenging to use? The answer is that corner kitchen units are a valuable hidden space for storing items that you don't want to leave on the counters but don't have enough room to keep in the other cabinets.

People tend to take advantage of the extra space to store kitchen equipment and tools they don't use often enough to keep them elsewhere. That doesn't mean the kitchen corner cabinet has to be inaccessible, though – there are plenty of ways to banish the ‘blind' aspect, including pull-out and carousel solutions.

How to make the most of kitchen corner units?

There are many types of corner units out there, whether they're standard, diagonal, L-shaped, or even curved. Diagonal or L-shaped cabinets are best for eliminating that lost space at the back, as they're more accessible from the front.

Even with standard corner base units, you can save yourself the difficult trouble of bending down and reaching blindly into the back of the cabinet by installing a clever mechanism. Lazy Susans, carousels, and pull-out shelves are some of the most popular solutions to maximise cabinet space.

These systems let you utilise stored equipment properly, rather than just hiding an item in a jumble and forgetting what's in there. Arranging whatever you keep in the corner cupboard in ‘like' groups – such as baking tools or the ‘good dinnerware' – makes things easier.

Get in touch today to discuss how to make the most of your kitchen corner unit storage.