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Integrated Kitchen Appliances

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Let’s be honest, it can get to a point where space is at a premium in the home very quickly, right? Especially in the kitchen, where things can get busy without much prior warning, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re prepared. In such a busy room that involves the preparation and eating of meals as well as socialising, you could be forgiven for looking at ways to make your kitchen more streamlined, to avoid looking overwhelming!

Take, for example, an integrated dishwasher. We all know how important these appliances have become in the modern day, with most kitchens now occupying one of these handy machines. As kitchen designs have became much smarter and practical, it’s now possible to make your dishwasher have the same style as the rest of your kitchen doors on display. This enhances the theme that you’re looking for, without your dishwasher sticking out like a sore thumb and disrupting the flow of your room. With an integrated dishwasher, you never have to stray too far away from the theme of your dreams.

The sale of the Integrated fridge freezer has also been on the rise with more progressive homeowners and interior designers. An integrated fridge is a great way of using your wall space for the better, and turning it into a practical area of the room. This, in turn, will give you extra floor space to work with and make your kitchen appear larger as a result. By making this change, you will quickly see how much it will open up your living space, giving you an easy, quick opportunity to make the most of your area.

There are many appliances that can make up an integrated kitchen. As kitchen trends have become more and more practical in the modern day, there are now plenty of ways in which your appliances can be hidden away. Of course, there wouldn’t be much point in making them harder to access as a result! This is why an integrated kitchen keeps your appliances on the surface, without them causing an eye sore when admiring your space.

Smaller appliances such as an integrated microwave have proven much easier to install, as they are often found at a convenient height for the homeowner, as well as having the ability to be placed between multiple kitchen units.

If you would like any information on how to best incorporate your kitchen appliances to your overall design, then we can help at Kitchen Warehouse. Simply give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at and we will gladly discuss your requirements with you. We can help you install a successful integrated kitchen door in your kitchen.