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Integrated Kitchen Appliances

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p>Integrating your kitchen appliances is a great way to make your kitchen look better and remove unnecessary clutter without sacrificing function.

Integrating appliances like your dishwasher, oven, fridge and washing machine can add a more appealing, sleek look to your kitchen.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we can manufacture beautiful units that allow you to incorporate all your appliances seamlessly into your kitchen.

Benefits of choosing integrated appliances

Integrated kitchen appliances save space compared to freestanding kitchen appliances. When your appliances sit flush with your kitchen units, integrated seamlessly into cupboard spaces, this clean and unobtrusive finish leaves you with more open space to move around.

This is especially useful in smaller kitchens, where counter space and foot room are limited. With your appliances neatly tucked away, you create the consistent seamlessness look of open-plan kitchen layouts.

This type of minimalist look, with space-efficient sleek design at its heart, creates a pleasing visual effect and clean lines that can give the impression that your kitchen is bigger than it is.

Plus, having built-in appliances helps you to tailor your cooking experience to your needs, as well. You can integrate equipment such as ovens, microwaves, and fridges wherever you need them in relation to your cooker and hob. It makes cleaning easier, too, since there won’t be significant gaps between the appliances and units for dirt or food to fall into.

What appliances can we help you to integrate into your kitchen?

Integrated dishwasher

A dishwasher makes life a lot easier, but they become big, cumbersome machines when not in use which can look out of place if not matched precisely to the rest of your kitchen.

By integrating your dishwasher, you can hide it away and stop it sticking out like a sore thumb.

Integrated oven

Integrated ovens slot into your kitchen beautifully. Your oven can be installed in any location you’d like, surrounding it with the same wooden detailing as your kitchen units. Ultra-modern integrated ovens can be placed at any level for easy cooking, and you have freedom of choice over whether you’d prefer a gas or induction hob.

Integrated washer dryer

If you don’t have the benefit of a utility room, it means taking up much-needed space in your kitchen. But most washers and dryers aren’t built to look nice and can easily ruin the ambience and style of your kitchen.

Put your washer and dryer out of sight behind an integrated cabinet door to better use your space.

Integrated fridge freezer

An integrated fridge freezer is an excellent way of using your wall space for the better, transforming it into a functional area of the room. This, in turn, will open up your kitchen - giving you extra floor space to work with and making your kitchen appear larger.

Integrated microwave

Integrated microwaves are perfect for fitted kitchens, as they save lots of space on your work surface and help to create a sleek, streamlined look.  Smaller appliances, such as an integrated microwave, are straightforward to install. They can be situated between multiple kitchen units and can be placed at a convenient height for the homeowner.

Get the best deals on integrated appliance kitchen units

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect units to house integrated appliances, you will find a style and size that suits you at Kitchen Warehouse.

Freestanding appliances may limit your choices for kitchen units. It would help if you considered whether they’d complement each other or look out of place, but installing them in integrated kitchen units ensures that they’re hidden behind matching doors when you aren’t using them.

When you browse our kitchen design collections on our website, you can select a finish you like and scroll through the available unit parts to find the integrated appliance housing you need.

We supply larder-style units in several sizes for housing different appliances, including standard, low, and tall heights, with spaces for ovens, double ovens, microwaves, fridges, and freezers. These all come with frontages to seamlessly match the rest of your kitchen units in this style.

We also sell appliance doors separately, which can be used to cover integrated appliances that you don’t want to have on display all the time. You can buy standard doors to cover 600mm appliances or slimline doors to cover 450mm appliances without worrying about mismatching unit fronts.

These options are available at competitive prices, allowing you to mix and match the perfect solution for your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Contact us about a kitchen with integrated appliances today

Many appliances can be fitted into an integrated kitchen. As kitchen trends have become more and more practical in the modern day, there are plenty of ways your appliances can be hidden away. Of course, there wouldn’t be much point in making them harder to access as a result! This is why an integrated kitchen keeps your appliances on the surface without them being an eyesore.

If you would like any information on how to incorporate kitchen appliances into your overall design, feel free to get in touch with the team at Kitchen Warehouse. Call us on 01765 640 000 or email us at, and we will gladly discuss your requirements. We can help you achieve your dream of a sleek, modern kitchen with integrated appliances.