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Low Height Larder Units

  • Board :18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard
  • Board Thickness :18mm Egger MFC Board
  • Larder Back Thickness :8mm Solid Back
  • Service Void :34mm Void
  • Larder Unit Height :1825mm
  • Standard Availible Widths :300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm (Wider Availible)
  • Construction :Pre-Inserted Cam & Dowels Ultra fast construction
  • Lipping :2mm ABS Visible edges lipped
  • Colours :11 Colours of Carcasses Available
  • Adjustment :Fully Adjustable Kitchen Legs
  • Adjustment :Fully Soft Closing Hinges
Low Height Larder Unit Image

What is a low height larder unit?

Low height larder units are an excellent addition to any kitchen without enough wall space or ceiling height for a full-size larder.

In smaller kitchens with less space, maximising every inch of storage available so you can keep surfaces uncluttered is vital.

Whether you want to store herbs and spices, fruit preserves, or your stockpile of tinned goods, a low larder unit can offer the right amount of storage.

With a low height pantry, you’ll have just enough space to curate an efficient larder for cool and dry storage without feeling the need to overfill it. 

Why order low height larders from Kitchen Warehouse?

If you have limited space for kitchen cabinets, or a short vertical area that nothing else will fit into properly, then low height kitchen units could be ideal.

At Kitchen Warehouse, our units are made from 18mm thick Egger MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) to guarantee a sturdy and reliable product.

Our smaller models offer 1825mm high larders in a range of widths, from 300-600mm, allowing you to source the best fit for your available space.

They’re effortless to incorporate into your kitchen design, ensuring that your layout and storage facilities are constructive rather than cumbersome.

No need to worry about spatial restrictions making your larder look unappealing, our low height larder units are available in various colours and finishes to complement or contrast your kitchen’s colour scheme.

You’ll have ample choice when looking for a suitable kitchen larder unit.

Regardless of its intended use, a low height larder makes an excellent addition to any smaller kitchen.

Since this is often the busiest room in the home, we make sure to use robust cam and dowel construction and high-quality hardware to guarantee that your new larder lasts for years to come. 

What are the benefits of low height larder units?

It’s easy to see how beneficial low height larder units can be for the home. Having a free-standing larder is impractical for many kitchens, and most people don’t have a separate room to use as a walk-in pantry – making larder units that can be integrated into cabinet runs a pragmatic choice.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge kitchen to fit a larder. Even adding a small larder unit can make a massive difference to any kitchen, no matter how compact.

It will have the same footprint as a base unit, so won’t take up more floor space, but will make the most of the vertical space by running higher up the wall than a standard or tall base unit. Of course, not everyone has the wall space or ceiling height to fit a floor-to-ceiling tower unit – which is where our low height larder units come in.

They’re the ideal balance for maximising your storage space without taking up too much room, fitting perfectly into a low height space. While tall larder units can be difficult to keep full and might encourage you to buy and store more than you need, short larder units have just enough shelf space to be useful for keeping your non-perishables easily accessible.

Another benefit is that the low larder units we supply at Kitchen Warehouse are available in several configurations, so you can integrate appliances like wall ovens and microwaves if you choose. You could even use a smart mechanism to make it into a super-convenient slide out larder unit.

Create space in any kitchen with low height larder units

If you want an organised storage solution that doesn’t stand out from your other kitchen cupboards, but it’s challenging to find something that fits your low kitchen ceiling, then look no further. We’re confident that one of our low height larder units will be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re shopping for a short larder unit as part of a total kitchen refurbishment, even better! We have a wide range of kitchen unit types and sizes for sale from Kitchen Warehouse, so you can build out an entire kitchen suite in matching colourways and finishes without a fuss.

You’ll find options for low height units of all kinds to fit low kitchens, with various low larder units amongst your array of choices. This includes low height integrated appliance units, providing an open space for integrated ovens, microwaves, and fridge freezers – plus different storage configurations above and below the central cavity for storing food and equipment.

Contact us today about low height larder units

With Egger MFC components, ABS edging, and soft-closing German hinges as standard, the build quality at Kitchen Warehouse sets us apart from the competition. We can even provide bespoke low height kitchen units on request, if you require a specific modification or a customised element.

So, why not browse the selection of kitchen units available on our website and order online today? If you’d like to know more about a product before making a purchase, get in touch with our expert team by calling 01765 640 000 or sending an email to