As we all know, the kitchen is arguably the messiest room in the house. Sure, a teenager’s bedroom may seem like a tip, but it’s their tip. And that storage room you never go in? You never dare enter for a reason! You can’t avoid the kitchen, as you will regularly have to clean up the spills that will inevitably happen on a daily basis! Moreover, such is the fast-paced nature of food preparation for a whole family, you may encounter an unexpected open door or send a utensil flying off the worktop by accident.

All of these potential hazards can seriously wear down your kitchen doors and units over time if they are not made to the highest standard. Especially with painted kitchens, where the emphasis is purely on the paint, you will want to make sure you’ve picked a durable material.

If buying from Kitchen Warehouse, here is how long your painted kitchen cabinets will last.

Will I be able to avoid chipped paint?

One of the main concerns for those who are interested in opting for painted kitchens is if their paint finish chips before they’ve even had a chance to enjoy it! After all, you’ve paid good money to transform the look of your kitchen, so you deserve to get the very most out of your new design. Chipping can occur through continuous exposure to the sun, friction caused by mechanisms such as hinges or scratches, caused by longer nails when opening kitchen doors for example.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, the paint we use is resistant to chipping, so it will keep its pristine, gorgeous look for the foreseeable future. We ensure all of our products are  subject to rigorous testing so you can be assured you’ve made the right choice when it comes to putting your painted kitchen ideas into action.

How long before your colour becomes diluted?

One of the main reasons painted cabinet ideas are so popular with customers is due to the strength of the colours on offer. A mild shade is a lot less likely to be a hit with the masses than a standout, bold colour! This is why you will want your initial shade to stay that colour for many years to come, right? Unfortunately, through poor quality paint, your cabinets could become discoloured and fade over time.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes inevitable, with prolonged exposure to sunlight changing the colour of your cabinets. For example, UK rays can often cause white cabinets to turn yellow. But if you invest in the very best products for your kitchen, such as those from Kitchen Warehouse, you will benefit from the same colour and maintain your kitchen paint design for years to come.

When should I look for a replacement?

So the big question we’re sure you’re asking is, how long will my kitchen cabinets and doors last? Because you have decided on Kitchen Warehouse as your partner of choice, you’re in luck! We expect our cabinets and doors to last 10-15 years before you will even have to consider a replacement. This gives you ample chance to bask in the fantastic look of your kitchen design before you even have to consider a switch up.

It is safe to say that if you opt for painted kitchen units or doors from Kitchen Warehouse, you have made a sound investment.

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