Are you fed up with having a small and untidy kitchen at home?

Even though the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house many people they find that space is a problem. This doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on redesigning your kitchen. When it comes to smaller kitchens the emphasis is really on minimalism, efficiency and making use of what you have.

At the Kitchen Warehouse Limited we work with thousands of people every year many of whom only have a small space to work with at home. Here are 3 wonderful kitchen ideas for small spaces that you can use to transform your kitchen.

Mirrors Make The Room Bigger

Effectively using mirrors can make any room in your home feel enlarged and this is also true of your kitchen. If you only have limited space in which to work with then mirrors are definitely your friend here.

A great idea is to install mirror glass on new and smartly designed kitchen cabinets. This has the effect of several smaller mirrors which will make your room look bigger but without one gigantic reflection staring back at you. If you are looking for a cost effective way of improving your small kitchen then this is definitely a sensible option.

Keep It As Light As Possible 

Kitchen ideas for small spaces

Well designed compact kitchen

Like using mirrors in small spaces everyone know’s that making use of natural light also makes a room look bigger. You might be stuck for room in terms of allowing light to flow into your kitchen but you can combine what you do have with bright, natural colours.

When you are looking for replacement kitchen doors or whole kitchen cabinets choose colours such as cream, white, green or even light blue to provide this effect. Darker colours such as blacks can feel suffocating and enclosed which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with a compact kitchen design.

Embrace And Practice Minimalism

Minimalism has grown as a movement from the mid 20th century and it is still popular today. For those of you who only have a small space to work with at home then it can really enhance your kitchen.

Some people like the jumbled and cluttered look that many kitchens have however if you are going for compactness and making use of space then a scaled down style is what you need. This can be achieved by including many storage options to put away appliances and kitchen items and bright stainless steel cabinets and doors will further help to create this look. See here for some tips on making your kitchen greener.


In many ways designing a smaller kitchen is more difficult that a larger one. You have less space to work with and you need to consider your options very carefully. At the Kitchen Warehouse Limited we have years of experience working with compact kitchens.

Get in touch today if you want to learn about how we can help you turn a disorderly small kitchen into a compact and efficient design.