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Kitchen Plinths

  • Board :Depending on door thickness
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Details matter in kitchen design, and the proper kitchen plinths can add subtle finishing touches to polish off the look of your kitchen design.

Often, kitchen plinths are the unsung hero in kitchen design. Very rarely do they get noticed in the finished appearance of a standout kitchen, but they make all the difference when it comes to the subtleties that polish off your look.

What are kitchen cupboard plinths?

Kitchen plinths cover up the space under a kitchen unit, removing visible gaps between the unit and floor, creating a seamless look in any kitchen.

With kitchen cupboard plinths, you can cover up unsightly gaps and spaces that ruin the style you’ve created and also stop food and small items rolling under your cupboards and making a mess.

When you’ve spent time and effort creating your ideal kitchen style, why spoil it by not spending time on the finer details that can really set your design off.

Kitchen cupboard plinth lighting

If you think a cupboard plinth could create a more boxed feel to your kitchen cabinets, think again because coupled with the proper plinth lighting, it can add to your kitchen's openness and create the illusion of additional space.

Well-planned kitchen lighting adds dimension and depth to your space.

Kitchen cupboard plinth lighting, in particular works beautifully to create a neat, ambient glow and illuminate your floor space to make the appearance of a more open, even larger area.

Whether you prefer visible spotlights running along the length of your kitchen cupboard plinths or have a preference for concealed LED lighting for a more subtle look, we’ve got the selection for you.

Choose the right plinth to match or contrast your cupboards

Unit material plinths

Plinths and kickboards matched to the same finish and colour as your kitchen cupboards and units are the perfect way to create a clean, seamless finish to your kitchen design and retain a sense of design consistency.

Our kitchen cupboard plinths come in various colours to match our collection of cabinets and units, so you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for.

They also come in a range of sizes, from 2350mm (2.35m) to 2800mm (2.8m), so you can easily match the right length to your units or trim the plinths as needed.

We also provide curved options for our kitchen plinths for kitchens using curved bases on their cupboards.

Door material plinths

Contrasting your cabinet door and plinth colours against your base unit colour can add some variety to your final kitchen design and allows you to be more creative with your colour palette.

We provide a range of plinths and kickboards that can match our collection of replacement kitchen doors

So, if you’re only ordering new doors to reface your kitchen instead of replacing the units entirely, you can still have kitchen plinths that match the finish and colour of your new cupboard doors.

Along with drawer fronts, end panels, and unique doors, you’ll find kickboards in the list of options when you click through to a specific product page for a design you like. You’ll also find matching pelmets/cornices, corner posts, and oven fillers to keep the look consistent around the room.

Again, if you need to order curved kitchen doors for a rounded end cabinet, you should also be able to order curved plinths and cornices in the same material to fit the front of your unit.

Ordering kitchen kickboards to match the frontages of your cabinets is the perfect finishing touch that brings everything together, completing your kitchen makeover to perfection at an affordable cost.

Contact us today for all your kitchen cupboard needs

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What’s the difference between kitchen cupboard plinths and toe kicks?

Toe kicks offer the same function as kitchen cupboard plinths – covering the gap between the kitchen cupboards and the floor. However, toe kicks are slightly recessed, allowing room for those with larger feet to get closer to the countertop. This improves balance and reduces fatigue from stretching. Toe kicks give the illusion of floating kitchen units, and their popularity has grown recently.

On the other hand, kitchen cupboard plinths are usually not recessed and offer a more seamless look. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we offer both toe kicks and kitchen cupboard plinths, giving you more options when designing your new kitchen.

What is a kitchen cupboard cornice?

Another addition which can help to finalise any attractive new kitchen is a kitchen cornice. This stylish trim helps fix the top of your kitchen wall cabinets to the ceiling, closing any potential gaps that could become evident after installation is complete.

If your kitchen cupboards don’t reach the ceiling, a cornice can put the finishing touch to the top of your cupboards. Also, many people store lots of items on top of their kitchen cupboards, and a cornice can help to hide these from view.

It is important to think carefully about the colour of your kitchen cabinet cornice. You may want it to complement the rest of your kitchen’s colourway perfectly, or you’d like to add a pop of colour for a real wow factor.

A kitchen cupboard cornice effectively adds crucial finishing touches to your kitchen design that can make all the difference.

What is a kitchen cupboard pelmet?

Kitchen cupboard pelmets are found around the bottom of the cabinets. They can help the bottom of your kitchen cabinets to look tidier and are often used to hide unsightly worktop lighting fixtures.

Kitchen pelmets often go hand in hand with the cornice. These two features are generally finished in the same colour to complement the room's theme.

If you have questions about kitchen cupboard plinths, cornices or pelmets, you’ve come to the right place! The experts at Kitchen Warehouse will be happy to discuss our range with you, so you can be sure you’ll find the items that are most suited to your requirements.