Kitchens – we all have them, we all love them and we all fall in love with them. They’re often the most used part of the home and let’s be honest, the most important.

That’s why when you go to sell your home you’ll find that the kitchen adds value.

Solid wood kitchen units for sale

Solid wood kitchen units


Great kitchens make a home more desirable – it’s that simple. We all buy with our eyes and when you walk into a home with a great quality finish (such as complete high gloss kitchen units), it impresses. Vice versa, if you’re selling a home with a great quality kitchen it does the same thing – it impresses. No matter whether the buyer loves entertaining, want a place to just spend family time, or use a kitchen as a hub of the home a good kitchen space impresses.


In addition, a great space that creates desirability also adds value to the home. In fact, according to Phil Spencer – the property guru – a new kitchen will add around 5% to the value of a home. It’s a wise investment, it’s that simple. Others in property such as Ballantynes would say that it might even be more.

In addition, we don’t even have to create a full kitchen, just changing the doors can give the place a huge lift and make it all the more desirable and attractive for punters. It’s certainly worthy of consideration.

Faster Sales

A new kitchen can also help sell a home a lot faster. Increased desirability means that people are likely to want to snap up a bargain. If your kitchen is done to the standard we offer, we assure you that you’ll impress people to enough of a degree to not only improve the price but also make your home a lot easier to sell, a lot faster.

Kitchen cabinets for extra storage.

A brand new kitchen can help your home sell quickly – and add a WOW factor!

It’s Emotional

If someone comes to visit the home and fall in love with the kitchen – it’s an emotional thing. The kitchen is the place most people attribute happy memories to and family time. Unlike a bedroom or an office room, it’s something more and it speaks on a different level. People can imagine themselves there, eating, cooking and living and so if you can capture their imagination, you’re onto a winner.

A New Kitchen is an Investment

Put simply, a new kitchen is an investment. It makes your home a lot more enjoyable to live in, work in and look at and also increases its value, desirability and prospect as a home to sell. It makes sense on a lot of levels.

So, why not get in contact with us here at Kitchen Warehouse for a chat about how we can help improve your kitchen?


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