Painted Wakefield Kitchen Doors

Our second painted solid wood kitchen door is the Wakefield design, Available below in 11 colour the Wakefield style is more of a simpler design than the Madison or Jefferson. The door features an internal beading on the inside edge and has smooth joints giving the whole door a more modern look.

These doors are all painted to order and take around 3-4 weeks to arrive after order.

Wakefield Ivory

Perfect for enhancing both traditional and contemporary kitchens, our Wakefield Ivory Doors has been designed to the highest standard, in order to... more info

Wakefield Mussel

The kitchen is the social hub of the home and it is a living space where families naturally gather to cook, socialise, dine and relax. With this in... more info

Wakefield Light Grey

One of the most popular colour trends currently, The light grey wakefield kitchen is one of our current best sellers. Each door is hand painted and... more info

Wakefield Dust Grey

Give your kitchen a new and sophisticated look with our on trend Wakefield Dust Grey Kitchen units. Designed to complement and enhance both... more info

Wakefield Stone

Perfect for neutral toned kitchens that still evoke a sense of warmth and class in the household. Each of the wakefield kitchen doors feature a 5... more info

Wakefield Graphite

Updating your kitchen doors is a great way to enhance your kitchen, without it costing the earth. Stylish, durable and robust, our Wakefield Graphite... more info

Wakefield Sage Green

Whether you’re simply changing your kitchen doors or embarking on a complete kitchen renovation, our Wakefield Sage Green Kitchen Doors are sure to... more info

Wakefield Light Teal

Blue is an ever growing kitchen colour with many of our kitchens currently being supplied in either the darker navy blues or the might bright teals... more info

Wakefield Marine

A great option for traditional and contemporary kitchens, our Wakefield Marine Kitchen Doors prove that style and function can work together with... more info

Wakefield Pantry Blue

Perfect for adding colour and elegance to your modern or traditional kitchen, our Wakefield Pantry Blue Kitchen Doors are perfectly equipped to... more info