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If you are looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look and you have your eye on a style that is contemporary and on-trend, Handleless Lucente Matt Fir Green Kitchen Doors could just be everything you have been looking for.

First of all, let’s deal with the colour. Up until fairly recently, it’s probably fair to say that green hasn’t always been viewed as an obvious pick of kitchen colour. Traditionally, white has always been the go-to colour for many homeowners, and lighter shades – creams and yellows, for example, have been seen as safe picks – especially as these are the tones that are generally best at creating the illusion of space and making the kitchen seem bigger than it really is. Homeowners, tended to shy away from darker tones – fearful that such colours might be overbearing and oppressive in a kitchen setting.

However, in recent years, with greys and blues booming in popularity, there’s been a general re-think about things are done in the kitchen. And right now, probably the most cutting-edge, bang on-trend colour is actually green. Bold, rich and exuding thoughts of nature, Fir Green is the perfect addition to green’s growing surge of popularity as a colour in the kitchen.

Handleless kitchens are also very much in vogue right now. Seen as the epitome of modern minimalist styling, Handleless Lucente Matt Fir Green Kitchen Doors create a stunning streamlined look for the kitchen, This is thanks to the J-groove that is placed in the top edge of base unit doors and in the bottom of wall unit kitchen doors. The matt finish gives a smooth, soft and subtle feel that will blend beautifully with virtually all types of fittings and interior design choices.

Our matt slab replacement doors are constructed with hard-wearing MDF to a 22m thickness and then spayed with the Fir Green paint. This polyurethane paint is smudge and scratch resistant and east to wipe clean. Highly durable and affordable, Handleless Lucente Matt Fir Green Kitchen Doors will give you the look of a brand-new kitchen without the price tag.

Handleless Lucente Matt Fir Green Kitchen Doors provide a clean and streamlined look that will be an instant head-turner. The rich and deep tone of green is striking and bold, without being too overpowering. Due to its central position on the colour wheel, Fir Green will work with a whole host of colours. Adaptability and versatility are definitely the watchwords here. Fir Green is a perfect pick of kitchen base colour and will work with lighter and darker tones from right across the colour spectrum.

Handleless kitchen doors provide much more than stunning looks as well. The smooth surface also provides space-saving qualities. This means that handleless kitchen doors are an ideal choice is smaller-sized kitchens. The lack of handles helps to create a sense of flow around the space.