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These elegant replacement kitchen doors boast a shade that offers a refined but yet striking look to your room. Our Supermatt Dust Grey doors are a new addition to our growing range and come with the latest technology to ensure that you get the very best product on the market.

If you want a replacement kitchen door that screams modernity then look no further than this model. The Dust Grey solid acrylic finish works well with both darker and lighter kitchens and if you want a serious two tone design then combine them with another shade in our new Supermatt range.

A 19 mm thickness and anti-fingerprint technology is just the start of what these doors have to offer. Aside from the resilience and the fact that these replacement kitchen doors can withstand moisture, steam and water damage is that fact that they will propel your kitchen into 2016 and beyond. We even offer custom dimensions if you get in touch with us.

You really can’t go wrong with our Supermatt Dust Grey replacement kitchen doors. With new technology and thickness to guarantee durability in one of the busiest and messiest rooms in the house they also have a solid stylish finish that will complement the rest of your kitchen and transform your home into a true modern and minimalist design.