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Want to transform your old kitchen into a sleek contemporary space whilst retaining a timeless elegance? It’s easy and affordable with our cashmere high gloss replacement kitchen doors. Sold separately, you can fix them to your existing kitchen units instead of paying for a full refurbishment.

Named for the high-end wool, this kitchen door colour will make your kitchen feel more upmarket. When you replace out-of-date kitchen cabinet doors with cashmere high gloss, you’ll soon have an elegant modern kitchen, with exquisitely smooth and shiny surfaces in a pleasantly calming shade.

Meeting both practical and aesthetic demands perfectly, this neutral colour is an understated trend that makes a stylish addition to any kitchen. Cashmere kitchen doors are a classic option, and when updated with a modern high gloss finish, you can achieve a luxurious look without the high price tag. 

Cashmere High Gloss Kitchen Doors

There are many ways to describe the colour of cashmere, but the very name evokes an atmosphere of sophistication. Just as the wool is prized for its superior softness and strength, our replacement cashmere kitchen doors combine an appealing softness of colour with quality construction strength.

As a warmer tone than the popular whites and greys of contemporary kitchen design, cashmere replacement kitchen doors bring a sense of comfort to the cutting-edge high gloss kitchen style. The mix of warm neutrality and modern shine creates a kitchen that’s the epitome of chic refinement.

With undertones such as cream, grey, beige, and gold, and a reflective surface that can change your perception of the colour depending on light and angles, high gloss cashmere kitchen doors will look stunning within most kitchen décor palettes – whether as a complementary or contrasting shade.

Replacement cashmere gloss kitchen doors are just as functional as they are fashionable. Produced to the highest quality, each kitchen cabinet door and drawer front ensures longevity in addition to a luxurious appearance. These doors are also easy to install, and just as straightforward to maintain.

Kitchen cupboard doors set the overall tone of the room, so refacing your cabinets with cashmere high gloss doors is an ideal way to design a sleek and linear space that’s still cheerful and inviting. When it looks this good, you and your family will love spending time in your kitchen every day! 

Replacement High Gloss Cashmere Doors

Unlike our acrylic gloss kitchen doors, which are made by fixing a sheet of acrylic to an MDF base, these high gloss cashmere kitchen doors feature an 18mm thick MDF slab that’s smoothly coated in polyurethane gloss paint to give them that characteristic mirror-like finish. This continues around the edges, while the reverse of each door is painted matt in a cashmere colour to match the front.

Don’t just take our word for it – test out the quality and beauty of our replacement cashmere high gloss kitchen doors for yourself by ordering a sample to your home. If you’re in the Ripon area, you could even come down to the Kitchen Warehouse showroom to see our display kitchens in person.

We offer an extensive range of kitchen door sizes, so you should be able to find every door, drawer front, and extra panel you need to complete the look. This includes extras like breakfast bar backs, oven fillers, and end panels – plus kickboards, cornices, and even curved pieces for rounded corners.

If you have any questions about these cashmere gloss replacement kitchen doors, or any product on our website, you can contact the Kitchen Warehouse staff for expert assistance. Speak to us on the phone by calling 01765 640 000 or write to us by emailing