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This is a paint-to-order product. As a result, you can expect a lead time between 20-25 days from the date of your order. Although this is a little long than you might have expected for most products, you will appreciate that quality takes time – and it is worth waiting for. With Solid Wood Harborne Cardamom Kitchen Doors you will be able to transform even the most tired and jaded of spaces into a stunning contemporary kitchen.

The Harborne Range is actually available in 11 incredible colours. All of these are stunning and impressive in their own right, but Solid Wood Harborne Cardamom Kitchen Doors are particularly appealing and attractive. Painted wood Harborne doors are available in a range of carefully selected palettes. The colours are chosen to complement one another beautifully. This means that you can mix and match colours from a across the collection to create a stunning kitchen look featuring two or even three colours. Even if you fancy just the one shade, Solid Wood Harborne Cardamom Kitchen Doors is an inspired choice.Coming from the Green colour palette as it does Cardamom already stands out from the crowd in an understated and unfussy way. Whites, blues and greys – or the classic neutrality of cremes and beige – are the most commonly chosen colours for the kitchen. Green is growing in popularity though and it’s not hard to see why. Perhaps it’s been an underdog in the kitchen too long. This gorgeous shade oozes class and elegance.

This sumptuous Cardamom tone is subtle but stunning all the same. Another bonus of painted wood replacement kitchen doors is that they are remarkably easy to clean. You should always avoid the use of off-the-shelf cleaning products, but all you actually need is a slightly damp (not wet) cloth to wipe away any stains or fingerprint marks that accumulate on the surface. Then wipe dry with separate clean and dry cloth. It really is as simple and straightforward as that.

For more information about Harborne Cardamom Kitchen Doors, or if you any questions at all about replacement kitchen doors, all need to do is contact us using our online enquiry form. If you prefer, you can also call on 01765 640 000.