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When white gloss kitchen doors are too bright for your tastes but light grey kitchen doors feel too drab, these acrylic gloss ivory kitchen doors could be exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes known as alabaster gloss or light cream gloss, we’ve settled on ivory gloss for this off-white shade.

It’s an ideal alternative to white kitchens, which – while endlessly trendy – aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Lighter than earthy cashmere kitchen doors yet still easier on the eye than brilliant white, this creamy ivory gloss combines modern glass-like shine with a traditional-décor-friendly colourway.

At less than £12 per replacement drawer front and less than £40 per replacement cupboard door, achieving a high-quality kitchen makeover is more affordable than ever thanks to these FIRA Gold Certified products. Each ivory cream replacement kitchen door promises unbelievable durability. 

Acrylic Gloss Ivory Kitchen Doors

With ivory kitchens always in fashion, it may be no surprise that we sell more of these ivory gloss kitchen doors than any other colour. Offering a neat and fresh look that can comfortably fit into almost any existing kitchen style, ivory gloss replacement kitchen doors are endlessly elegant.

While ivory kitchen doors have a slight yellow tint, softening the brightness of classic white, the ultra-gloss finish to these acrylic frontages adds a contemporary touch. They’re the ultimate choice for homeowners looking to bring mid-century modern kitchen design firmly into the present day.

The fashionable combination of off-white ivory and high gloss also has the benefit of making a kitchen appear larger, no matter how small. Pale colours and reflecting light trick the eye into perceiving a brighter and bigger space, which is undeniably more appealing to spend time in.

A uniformly smooth surface with a glass-like sheen exudes luxury, giving ivory gloss replacement kitchen doors an unbeatable level of aesthetic appeal. While the back of each door is painted in a matching matt shade, you can upgrade the sides with glass-effect edges for a flat fee of £32.40.

However you incorporate these graceful acrylic gloss kitchen doors into your existing design, the tasteful ivory kitchen faces are sure to be complementary. They’re guaranteed to look good with greys, blacks, and other neutrals – including natural finishes like wood or stone for a rustic effect. 

Replacement Ivory Gloss Doors

Our ivory gloss replacement kitchen doors are wonderfully smooth and uniformly cut, featuring an acrylic face fitted to a sheet of 18mm thick MDF. The Senoplast lacquered film gives the acrylic its signature shiny finish, while the edges and reverse of the door are painted matt in matching ivory.

Alternatively, if you would like to enhance the lustre of your new kitchen cabinet doors, we also offer glass-effect edging. This upgrade extends the reflective gloss around the edges of the door, costing just £32.40 per order – that’s right, for the whole order, not per door or drawer front!

If you would prefer to see how our popular ivory gloss slab doors look with your own eyes, you can either order a sample cupboard door or – if you’re based in our part of Yorkshire – come and visit our kitchen showroom in Ripon. When you purchase a sample, then go on to order a set of ivory gloss kitchen doors, we’ll refund you the cost of the sample by deducting it from your order total.

Should your kitchen cabinets require new doors that aren’t any of the standard sizes we offer, we can produce made-to-measure ivory acrylic gloss doors to your custom dimensions. Simply get in touch by emailing for more details and pricing information.

You can also call the Kitchen Warehouse team on 01765 640 000 with any enquiries about our ultra-glossy acrylic ivory kitchen doors. With FIRA Gold Certification attesting to their high quality and durability, you can rest assured that your kitchen doors will look great and perform well for years.