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Do you want to brighten up a boring kitchen with replacement kitchen doors that look different in changing light? Our metallic gloss kitchen doors could be just the ticket. The metallic fleck means that these Stardust kitchen doors can appear brilliant blue or stunning silver from different angles.

Also available in metallic charcoal grey, this luxurious finish can create a truly unique look in any kitchen. Tiny directional flecks in the acrylic facing lend a polychromatic effect to our metallic kitchen doors, making them a great-value investment if you prefer multiple styles in one product.

These striking Stardust blue kitchen doors will glisten in the sun or ambient lighting, guaranteeing an opulent appearance that’s sure to impress your family and friends. Iridescent kitchens will always be in vogue simply because they’re so spectacular to look at, providing an endless aesthetic appeal. 

Acrylic Gloss Stardust Kitchen Doors

Your kitchen will be the highlight of your home when you reface your cabinets with these metallic replacement kitchen doors. Depending on the light levels and the viewing angle, they range from a subtle shimmer to a superb sparkle, bringing excitement back into everyday cooking and dining.

Colour connoisseurs Pantone and Dulux have both featured blues and turquoise-tinted shades as their Colour of the Year several times, proving that these Stardust blue gloss kitchen doors are consistently on-trend. You’ll never get bored of your kitchen with their ever-changing glimmer.

Hints of green and grey in the light blue kitchen doors allow them to pair beautifully with other elements in these colours, from walls, floors, and splashbacks to appliances and furnishings. It also looks excellent against white, adding a touch of maximalism to the typical minimalist kitchen style.

The combination of the soothing Stardust blue colour and the pearlescent polish of their reflective surfaces makes these kitchen cupboard doors an enchanting alternative to plain blue paint or white high gloss finishes, keeping the room bright and contemporary without overwhelming the senses.

While these replacement cabinet doors truly shine with modern fittings such as glass and chrome, it’s also easy to soften their gleam by using natural materials like warm-toned wood and opting for mellow cream accents rather than crisp white, offering an ideal update to mid-century modern style. 

Replacement Metallic Blue Kitchen Doors

Constructed by securely attaching an acrylic panel to an 18mm thick base of MDF, our gloss acrylic kitchen doors are affordable yet sturdy. These products have been FIRA Gold Certified to prove their quality, so you can trust that every door has been performance-tested to a high standard.

If this reassurance isn’t enough, we offer samples for less than £10, which you can receive in the mail to view the product in its intended setting. Once you’re sure the finish suits your kitchen and lighting, you can order a set of doors and drawer fronts – and we’ll knock off the sample price!

While the reverse is painted silver, you can choose to enhance the doors with glass-effect edges for a small additional fee. We also offer a made-to-measure service for our gloss acrylic kitchen doors, allowing you to achieve this incredible look even if you don’t have standard-sized kitchen cabinets.

To discuss bespoke measurements for custom kitchen doors, or to enquire about our metallic blue kitchen doors, contact the Kitchen Warehouse team by phone on 01765 640 000 or by email at Our knowledgeable kitchen experts will be happy to assist.