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Our Ivory Modern Shaker Kitchen Doors effortlessly blend a soft, gentle, off-white tone with a traditional and classic iconic design. It has all the makings of a perfect country farmhouse style kitchen but it could also be the ideal choice for a contemporary vibe, where you want the vibe to be calming, cosy and comforting.

White has always been a perennial favourite for kitchens. It never goes out of style, after all. However, for some owners, bright and light as it may be, it can also come across as rather harsh and stark. This is why off-whites - such as this beautiful ivory – have become a very popular alternative.

A refresh with such a soft and solid shade as ivory will be the perfect refresh for any space. Ivory Modern Shaker replacement doors will make any space look brand new. Rather than breaking the bank, choosing replacement doors will give your kitchen a striking makeover, without all the expense and effort that comes with a full and complete kitchen renovation.

So, why choose ivory replacement doors? Well, whether you just want to update and refresh your kitchen, or you are looking to add value and sell, ivory is a sensible and versatile option. It provides a suitable degree of neutrality. However, at the same time it provides you with plenty of options – equally stunning in a classic, traditional kitchen look, or something a little more contemporary and modern in feel, Ivory Modern Shaker Replacement Doors help you to keep your future options open.

We deliver your replacement kitchen doors without drill holes. This means you can make your own choices and place handles and hinges where you really want them to be.

Of course, the Shaker kitchen design really needs no introduction. Instantly recognisable and a genuine icon of kitchen styles, it has remained popular for hundreds of years. It has simply never gone out of fashion. However, it’s arguably never been quite as in vogue as it right now. Clear and simple design lines and an instantly appealing aesthetic have maintained its popularity, but Shaker designs have never been as varied and versatile right now. What’s more, with Ivory Modern Shaker Replacement Doors, you can create the impression of having a brand-new Shaker kitchen installed.

This impressive Modern Shaker range features a 93mm outer frame chamfered detail. The 22mm door benefits from a PVC coating embossed with wood grain. Not only does this provide durability, it also gives a look of real painted timber – but without the eye-watering price tag!

Overall, the gorgeous soft tones of ivory are a great choice if you want to add a touch of class to your kitchen. Whatever interior design choices you have in your head, you can have peace of mind that Ivory Modern Shaker replacement doors will fit the look like a glove.

Of course, if you would like to look at our range of replacement kitchen doors in person, you can visit our Ripon showroom. Our friendly team will always be on hand to show you around and answer any questions or queries that you may have, either about replacement doors or anything about kitchens generally. You can all us today on 01765 640 000 or contact us via email We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Don’t forget, replacement kitchen doors are the affordable way forward if you want a kitchen upgrade but want to avoid the associated hassle of a full and completely new kitchen. And, all in all, it’s hard to find a more appealing and adaptable tone as you will see on these gorgeous Ivory Modern Shaker replacement doors.