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Want to elevate your old kitchen décor without breaking the bank? Grey high gloss kitchen doors are the solution. There’s no need to redecorate the entire room when you can create the impression of a whole new kitchen simply by fitting replacement kitchen doors onto your existing cupboards.

There’s no better way to do this than with our beautifully smooth and shiny dust grey handleless kitchen doors. Pairing a deeper colour with a reflective finish is ingenious, as you can enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere of a grey kitchen with the brightness of a high gloss kitchen achieves the perfect blend of glamour and modernity – no matter how large or small your kitchen might be.

This particular shade of dust grey kitchen doors is incredibly versatile, as an on-trend tone that’s warmer than dark grey without being as stark as many shades of white can be. It’s ideal for mixing and matching with other colours and textures, from pale gloss doors to golden woodgrain counters. Order Lucente handleless dust grey kitchen doors today to add seamless lustre to your kitchen. 

Dust Grey Handleless High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Our handleless kitchen doors offer a wealth of benefits for the discerning buyer, from creating the feeling of additional space to being much easier to clean. This type of door is becoming increasingly popular for contemporary kitchens, as it’s both cosmopolitan and family-friendly at the same time.

These Italian-made Lucente handleless doors feature a J-pull groove at the top or bottom that acts like a hidden handle, allowing you to open doors and drawers easily without leaving marks all over the front. Even if some sticky fingerprints do mar the glossy face of these polyurethane painted slab doors, a quick wiping down is all they should need to restore each door to good-as-new condition.

Crafted by priming a 22m thick MDF base then coating it with layers of high gloss polyurethane paint, these ultra-modern doors are great for establishing a flowing look with clean lines around the room, where dramatic style meets functionality perfectly. The edges and reverse side of each door is painted a matching dust grey, only in matt, as the interior doesn’t usually require reflective paint. 

Dust Grey High Gloss Handleless Replacement Kitchen Doors

With a fairly short lead time of 5-7 working days, your new dust grey high gloss kitchen doors could be with you before you know it. There’s no need for a long wait with our quick dispatch and delivery, allowing you to transform your kitchen with replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts in barely any time at all. After refacing your cupboards, the room will look far more expensive than it really is.

If you’re looking for FIRA Gold certified Lucente kitchen doors in other colours, too, we’ve got you covered at Kitchen Warehouse. We have a full selection of Lucente high gloss handleless kitchen doors for sale, including popular shades like cashmere, porcelain, white, or anthracite (dark grey).

We stock a variety of sizes for each style of door, as listed on the product page. Whatever your kitchen layout may be, you’re sure to find every drawer front, door, and panel you need to reface the room. If you can’t find what you’re searching for, or have a question about this product, please call Kitchen Warehouse on 01765 640 000 or email for help.