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The Harborne Range is available in 11 beautiful colours. Each and every one is stunning in its own right, but we have a special place in our hearts for Solid Wood Harborne Viridian Kitchen Doors. All the colours from the painted wood Harborne range are carefully selected to create colour palettes with colours that are the perfect complement for each other with real style. You can create a unique look for your kitchen by mixing and matching two or three colours. Alternatively, these are colours that can carry the whole room, on their own – and they don’t get any more impressive than Solid Wood Harborne Viridian Kitchen Doors.

Green is a colour that is often overlooked as a colour for the kitchen. The various tones that feature under the green umbrella offer the same ambient qualities as blues in many ways – from pastels to deep and rich bold tones – but blue seems to get all the attention. Well, the likes of Viridian are colours that will redress the balance and are sure to make green a more popular choice.

The tone is towards the darker end of the colour range but it still retains and light and airy quality. Viidian is a simply stunning colour, there is no doubt about that. This sumptuous Viridian tone is subtle but is still striking. Painted wood replacement kitchen doors are that easy to maintain. Never use off-the-shelf cleaning products on painted wood. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe away marks and a dry, clean cloth to finish off.

Replacement kitchen doors are the smart move if you want to create a brand-new look for your kitchen, with the potential hassle, stress, and hefty price tag that can come with a full kitchen refit. If you are generally happy with the existing layout of your kitchen as it now – and the units are in good condition – why change everything up? Simply choose Solid Wood Harborne Viridian Kitchen Doors and fix them to your units. Your kitchen will feel totally refreshed and revitalised.

For more information about Harborne Viridian Kitchen Doors, you can contact us using our online enquiry form. If you prefer, you can call the team on 01765 640 000.