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Our fantastic collection of acrylic replacement kitchen doors includes this versatile light grey shade that’s proving to be extremely popular. Light grey high gloss kitchen doors are the go-to choice for an on-trend kitchen design, like these sleek replacement slab doors with gorgeous silver tones.

Grey gloss kitchen doors are ideal for achieving a balance between subtle elegance and modern chic, being less harsh on the eyes than bright white and less dramatically dark than graphite or black. It’s also a cooler shade than alternatives like stone grey, creating a calm and neutral blank canvas.

This contemporary light grey kitchen door design pairs well with all kinds of interior design schemes, from country-style with wooden worktops to stripped-back industrial with metal fittings. It’s also the colour of choice for a minimal contemporary kitchen, expressing the enviable feeling of luxury living. 

Grey Acrylic Gloss Kitchen Doors

Home styling has never been easier when you have these stunning light grey acrylic gloss kitchen doors to work with. Not only is pale grey a core colour for the most popular kitchen palettes, but the sought-after high gloss finish also brightens up the room by reflecting light from its shiny surfaces.

Acrylic light grey replacement doors are ideal for creating the illusion of more space in a smaller kitchen, and they can serve as a moderate shade to avoid overwhelming larger rooms, too. Light grey gloss kitchen doors also set the stage for your choice of accent colours. You could create a striking contrast with a brighter or darker colour, or a trendy two-tone effect using similar hues in a softer super-matt finish. The high gloss doors have a matt back, so they’ll even match on the inside.

Whether you go for a smooth handleless look or make the fittings a focal point, these light grey replacement kitchen doors are sure to look beautiful in any setting. Crafted by carefully fitting a sheet of acrylic to an MDF base, each 18mm thick replacement slab door is durable, strong, and easy to clean. All of our aesthetically pleasing high gloss kitchen doors are remarkably hardwearing.

Long-lasting, practical, and visually appealing all in one – what’s not to love about our acrylic light grey gloss replacement kitchen doors? Scroll to browse the wide range of sizes available online.

If you would like to upgrade your kitchen’s visual appeal even further, we also provide the option of applying sophisticated 3D glass-effect edging. For a fixed fee of £32.40 per order – regardless of quantity – we can add impressive mirror-effect edges to each replacement kitchen door for you. 

Acrylic Light Grey Gloss Kitchen Doors

With plenty of different sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect replacement kitchen doors and replacement drawer fronts in this stunning light grey gloss finish. You can even order panels, cornices, and plinths to complete the look, or specially curved doors to fit rounded end units.  

We appreciate that refacing your kitchen cabinets is a big commitment, so we offer a sample for just £9.98. If you’re not sure whether this finish is the right one for you, see how the sample looks in your kitchen with your own eyes first. Once you see how lovely it looks and proceed to order a set of light grey gloss acrylic kitchen doors, we’ll deduct the price of the sample from your final order!

Depending on whether you have standard kitchen unit sizes or need to contact us to request custom measurements, we usually produce and dispatch your new replacement kitchen doors within 15-18 working days. You can get in touch with us by calling 01765 640 000 or emailing, and the Kitchen Warehouse team will be happy to help.