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If shiny white seems a bit too modern, but cream feels too dated for your tastes, then cashmere gloss replacement doors could be just what your kitchen cabinets need. As a neutral tone with a hint of relaxing warmth to it, cashmere is the ideal alternative to these common kitchen colours.

It’s not too traditional to look tired, yet not too contemporary to feel cold and futuristic. This makes cashmere high gloss kitchen doors a great choice for replacing your kitchen frontages. From £12.74 per drawer front and £25 per cupboard door, creating a cashmere gloss kitchen isn’t always costly.

Browse our collection of high gloss cashmere replacement kitchen doors below to find the perfect sizes to fit your existing units. You’ll also find a range of panels, plinths, pelmets, and corner posts in this finish to complete the look. Add them to the cart and check out today for delivery to your door! 

Cashmere Gloss Handleless Kitchen Doors

Not only do these high gloss replacement kitchen doors combine an up-to-date reflective shine with a classic comforting shade, but they’re also handleless. This makes the design appealingly seamless.

Featuring a polyester primer and ultra-glossy polyurethane paint on a 22m thick MDF base, with colour-matching matt backs, our high gloss handleless cashmere kitchen doors are available in a wide selection of sizes. This means you can fit out all of your existing units with matching slab doors.

The magic of these handleless high gloss cashmere doors is that their smooth surfaces maintain a continuous flow around the room, while their reflective fronts help to spread light throughout the space. This automatically makes your kitchen feel open and airy, no matter how small it may be.

The slightly grey and sandy brown undertones of cashmere kitchen doors add a unique element to the room’s design scheme without overwhelming it. This makes these doors an excellent base to complement or contrast against other furnishings, while being an attractive feature in themselves. 

Handleless High Gloss Cashmere Kitchen Doors

The durable paint we use to achieve the cashmere gloss finish avoids the uneven ‘orange peel’ look and flaking layers that can occur with vinyl or laminate methods, ensuring a long-lasting product.

If you want to try out cashmere high gloss in real life before committing to this finish, you can order a sample for £9.98. We’ll take this amount off your final bill if you place a full order afterwards! If you live nearby, you can always pop down to the Kitchen Warehouse showroom to see our displays.

When you order a set of high gloss cashmere handleless kitchen doors from our website, we aim to dispatch them to your address within 7 working days. Our replacement kitchen doors will arrive unmarked, ready for you to drill hinge holes exactly where your particular cabinets need them to be.

Got a question about high gloss handleless cashmere kitchen doors? Our team will be more than happy to offer their expert guidance. Just give us a call on 01765 640 000, or write an email to us at and we’ll respond to your enquiries as efficiently as we can.