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Shaker kitchens are a true icon of kitchen design and have been an interior design for hundreds of years now. Built on founding principles of simplicity and functionality, Shaker-style kitchens have never really gone out of fashion in all the time they’ve been around. Their enduring appeal is due to several reasons.

The famed five-piece construction is instantly recognisable and the manufacture process has stayed remarkably similar over the years. It has become the tried and trusted way to craft solid timber doors. It helps to give Modern Shaker doors an appealing look of quality and class, even if other materials – such as MDF – are used in their construction. But not only do these Shaker-style doors have the look of real painted timber, they are also very hard-wearing and durable.

Modern kitchens are busy places, and the modern kitchen has to be built to last and to withstand the spills and knocks that come in a busy family home. You have nothing to worry about with Modern Shaker replacement doors. They are strong and sturdy. A PVC coating embossed with wood grain gives the doors a great layer of protection, as well as looking stunning too.

It’s true that Shaker kitchens are perhaps the ideal choice of design if you want to create a classic country farmhouse vibe for the kitchen. However, it would be wrong to think that Shaker-style kitchens are best suited to traditional looks. The Shaker design is versatile and adaptable – more so than many other kitchen looks – and equally suited to contemporary and ultra-modern looks.

That’s where a beautiful tone such as Indigo Modern Shaker replacement doors comes in. Space is important in the home and in most properties, it really is at a premium. Nobody wants a kitchen that feels small and cramped, and that’s one of the reasons why people have tended to opt for lighter shades, such as whites and creams. These are tones that tend to create the illusion of space.

On the flipside, homeowners have often avoided the darkest of colours in their kitchen designs, worried that it will the space look smaller than it really is. But trends and preferences change, and darks are definitely in.

Designers have convinced homeowners that dark shades need not dampen the effect that a kitchen has. Far from it, dark tones can create a truly exceptional and cutting-edge look for the space that is now often described as the most important room in the home.

Going for such a bold and dynamic colour, such as Indigo will elevate any kitchen space. Combine Indigo Modern Shaker replacement doors with carefully chosen accessories and complementary colour and the overall effect can be completely stunning and breath-taking.

These on-trend Indigo Modern Shaker replacement doors will shake up and transform any existing kitchen design, but without the high cost of a complete kitchen renovation. The 22mm doors, PVC-coated and embossed with wood grain will demand attention in any space.

All replacement doors are delivered undrilled for handles and hinges. These leaves you free to drill the holes that correspond exactly to your existing kitchen cabinets. It also means that you are free to choose a handle design that really suits the look that you are trying to create in the kitchen.

If you visit our showroom in Ripon, you will be able to see our stunning Indigo Modern Shaker replacement doors in person. If you have any questions about our kitchen replacement doors, or anything to do with new kitchen design, you can always call us on 01765 640 000 or contact us by email via