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At Kitchen Warehouse, we are firm believers that if something isn’t broken then there is no need to fix it. This is why replacement kitchen doors are the smart choice for any homeowners who want an affordable way to update their kitchen, without the cost and potential hassle that a complete and full kitchen refit can entail.

If your existing units are in pretty good condition and you are generally happy with the layout of your current kitchen, there might not be any point reinventing the wheel. Why not simply change the doors. Outwardly, it will give the feel of a full renovation. We all know what a fresh lick of paint can do for a tired space, well, replacement kitchen doors can have the same effect. They give a fresh look that’s almost as good as completely new.

Our Porcelain Modern Shaker Replacement Doors are the perfect option if you want a high-quality Shaker-style kitchen, at a really affordable price. Our new Modern Shaker style is already shaping up to be a real customer favourite. And if you thought that a kitchen couldn’t be classic, cosy and contemporary all at the same time, think again – because that is exactly what these Porcelain Modern Shaker replacement doors are. These stylish doors provide a look that is sleek and durable at the same time.

Choose these stunning replacement doors and you can give your kitchen an impressive refresh. In fact, it will give the impression of a full kitchen upgrade, but without the hefty price tag of a full kitchen refit.

The original Shaker ethos when it comes to home furnishings was to create pieces that were simple and functional, and built on strong design principles. Porcelain Modern Shaker replacement doors essentially carry on the proud Shaker tradition. The doors are crafted in the same way – from 5 pieces – as the original Shaker real timber doors have been for hundreds of years. The PVC coating, embossed with wood grain, offers solid protection against the general wear and tear that will occur in a busy modern family home.

So, if you want to refresh and replace your existing kitchen doors, Porcelain Modern Shaker replacement doors could be an inspired choice. You can easily complement with similarly light tones or contrast the evocative porcelain with darker hues.

At Kitchen Warehouse, we aim to turnaround your order of replacement kitchen doors quickly. We recognise that not only do people want to spend the Earth on a kitchen transformation, they also don’t want to wait around for ages for the transformation to happen either.

We are always happy to deal with any queries or questions that you might have regarding replacement kitchen doors, or indeed anything to do with kitchens. Regardless of whether you go for a full kitchen refit or you go down the replacement doors route, we recognise that anything to do with your kitchen is a big decision. The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home. We are spending more and more time in our kitchens. Everything you decide about the look of your kitchen has to be spot on. This is why we are always on hand to answer any questions you have, however big or small.

You can get in contact by calling 01765 640 000. You can also reach us by email on or via the contact form that can be found on the website. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can come into the showroom at Ripon. We’ll be happy to show you around and let you see all the different kitchen styles that we have available.