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A full kitchen refit can be an expensive business – one of the biggest purchases homeowners are ever likely to make. Not only that, it can be a stressful and time-consuming business too. Think of the disruption of an old kitchen being taken out and having a new one installed. However, there is a way to avoid all the hassle and the fuss. Kitchen Warehouse replacement kitchen doors are the affordable answer to these problems.

Why not choose easy-to-fit replacement kitchen doors instead and get the look of a brand-new kitchen at a fraction of the price, simply by changing the frontage and fitting replacement doors to the units you already have? Replacement doors have become a really important part of our business as more homeowners come across to a different way of thinking – you don’t have to have a completely new kitchen to freshen up your kitchen and reinvigorate the space.

If you are happy with the layout of the existing kitchen as it is, why reinvent the wheel? If your existing units and in good working order, why get rid of them? Buying replacement kitchen doors on the Kitchen Warehouse website is an effortless affair. You can add and remove styles and designs to your shopping basket as often as you like – there is never any commitment or obligation to buy.

Smooth Shaker Georgia Marine Blue Kitchen Doors really are the perfect blend of quality and good taste. Bringing together the timeless classic of a Shaker door with a colour that blends the blue and green of the ocean. It is a classic style in an irresistible colour – a match made in heaven.

The Georgia design has no visible wood grain and is the more traditional of the Kitchen Warehouse Smooth Shaker options. It features an outer frame and an inset panel which doesn’t have any detailing or beading around the edge of the central panel. It provides a simple and modern twist on a timeless and popular design.

Smooth Shaker Georgia Marine Blue Kitchen Doors are made from HDF board and are 18mm in thickness. The material allows for the door’s one-piece design and also ensures durability that will last for years to come. It’s a simply stunning design that is a great step-up from the traditional vinyl wrap door. Another benefit is that the design is very easy-to-clean.

All in all, Georgia Kitchen Doors offer a contemporary and high-end finish that is guaranteed to please and delight. It’s a simple blend of the traditional and contemporary that works to great effect. Mark our words, Smooth Shaker Georgia Marine Blue Kitchen Doors are an inspired choice for any kitchen.

For more information regarding our Smooth Shaker Georgia Marine Blue Kitchen Doors , please feel free to contact us using our online enquiry form or by giving us a call on 01765 640 000. Alternatively, you can email us at