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Grantham Painted Cannon Black Handleless Kitchen Units

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If you want to really freshen up your kitchen, it’s hard to see a better choice than our Solid Wood Grantham range. It provides a really distinctive look with its hybrid blend of classic Shaker styling and the ultra-modern sleek and streamlined appeal of a handleless kitchen.

Solid Wood Handleless Grantham Graphite Kitchen Units Solid Wood Harbourne Cannon Black Units
  • Door RangeGrantham Handleless Cannon Black
  • Unit ColourGraphite
  • - Unit Thickness :18mm Egger MFC
  • - Door Thickness :21mm Thick Door
  • - Frame Width :55mm Frame Width
  • - Free Brushed Steel 220mm T-Bar Handle
  • - German Soft Close Hinges/Drawers
  • Lead TimeDelivered In 25 - 30 Working Days
  • Click here for full unit specification

 Prices Include VAT

 Prices Include Door / Drawer Frontages

 Free UK Mainland Delivery (Samples & Orders Over £2500)

Sample Door

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The Grantham collection shines in any of its eleven hand-painted finishes, offering an exquisite selection of blues, greens, and beiges. In line with the latest home fashion trends, shades from the grey spectrum are particularly in vogue.

Long undervalued in decor circles, grey has shed its reputation as a lifeless hue. Its recent embrace by interior designers has revealed its versatility and elegance, propelling it to the forefront of modern design—nowhere more so than in the heart of the home, the kitchen.

While the allure of grey is undeniable, it's the lighter shades that typically capture homeowners' hearts. There's often hesitation around darker shades like black, fueled by concerns of creating a space that feels too enclosed or overwhelming. However, with careful planning and design strategies, even the most profound tones can be woven into your kitchen's fabric to stunning effect. The allure of Solid Wood Grantham Cannon Black Kitchen Units is proof positive of this, often inspiring homeowners to find innovative ways to incorporate this charismatic shade.

Among an impressive array of options, the Solid Wood Grantham Cannon Black Kitchen Units stand out as a bold, contemporary choice. For those aiming to craft a kitchen with a signature look, the deep and rich Cannon Black not only makes a statement—it becomes the epitome of kitchen chic.

For inquiries or more information about the Solid Wood Grantham Cannon Black Kitchen Units, please reach out to us at or give us a call at 01765 640 000.