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Brushed Steel Kitchen Door Handles

Brushed Steel kitchen door handles are the perfect option for adding a beautiful finishing touch to your kitchen. Our Brushed Steel kitchen door handles are low maintenance and don’t show fingerprints, unlike chrome handles, which makes this style of handle ideal for a family friendly kitchen. Busy kitchens ideally need to have Stainless-Steel kitchen door dandles, as they are able to cope with the high demands of the busy family home and don’t require the constant polishing and cleaning like other materials would do. Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we sell a large selection of stunning Brushed Steel kitchen door handles and kitchen knobs that appeal to all different tastes and budgets, from simple and practical bar handles, through to the Italian designer patterned handles that have a little more character.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen door handles, you need to remember that they are the finishing touch to your kitchen, so it’s a very important decision to make. Brushed Steel kitchen door handles are generally priced between £5 and £10 for a durable, stylish handle. You can really transform the look of a dull, tired kitchen in seconds with a bold Brushed Steel kitchen door handle, which will give your kitchen a new lease of life.

  • Alta (T-Bar)

    Alta (T-Bar)

    The Alta handle is our standard handle that is supplied with every kitchen unit we sell, The most popular handle we do is the 220mm size. Details...
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  • Aluco


    The Aluco Handle is another one which is a very very popular handle, The inset bar makes this handle very streamlined and one in which just works...
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  • Ama Brushed

    Ama Brushed

    The Hammered handle look is one that is mostly associated with a traditional kitchen, This Hammered brushed Ama handle is quite the opposite, The...

  • Amora Brushed

    Amora Brushed

    Another Modern Hammered Handle, The long handle looks brilliant on high gloss doors, The handle is very stylish but may not be to everyone's taste...

  • Aosta Brushed

    Aosta Brushed

    A Simple Square profiled handle that lets the door do most of the talking. The minimalistic look shows a stunning handle, The Brushed stainless...
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  • Brushed Railway Handle

    Brushed Railway Handle

    A modern railway style handle which works well on many different style kitchens. Details Description: Railway Style Handle Colour: Brushed Stainless...

  • Bruxella


    The Bruxella is a more traditional looking stainless steel look handle, The continuous edge gives the handle a more striking look and is very...

  • Cheam


    If you are looking for an extremely simple chunky bar handle to give your kitchen the minimalist look, This is perfect. The Beautifully finished...

  • Genoa Brushed

    Genoa Brushed

    Genoa is a small strap handle that can either some in a bright chrome finish or a stainless steel look. The handle works extremely well with many...

  • Intra


    Intra is a very popular handle due to its simple features, The addition of the bright chrome inset really adds a different dimension to the otherwise...

  • Londa Brushed

    Londa Brushed

    Londa, A hammered stainless steel look handle that is of a more modern taste. This works well on the gloss style doors and especially those of a deep...

  • Londo Brushed

    Londo Brushed

    The Londo handle is a sister handle to the Londa handle and is the same brushed stainless bar handle that has a hammered look. Works perfectly with...

  • Strap Bar Handle

    Strap Bar Handle

    A nice strap handle that is a very high quality brushed finish. These handles work well with many kitchens and have been used successfully on both...
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  • Wide D Handle

    Wide D Handle

    Another great modern looking D handle this is a very sleek looking handle perfect for a wide range of kitchens. Details Description: Brushed Steed D...
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