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What Kitchen Styles do you not supply?

One type of kitchen that we don’t offer is in-frame kitchens. This mainly because of all the problems that come with an in-frame kitchen. The doors and drawers can rub on the frames with time, removing the paintwork or lacquer and they require constant maintenance with hinge and drawer adjustment. This is due to the small margin around the kitchen door or drawer front to the frame, it can be as simple as a heavy item like a big pan being placed in a drawer or removed from a drawer that causes the frontage to move and rub on the frame. We do think they look amazing when fitted, but we believe that not every kitchen is a show kitchen. Most people need their kitchen to work for them and their kitchen should be a practical and functional working space that is low maintenance as well as attractive.

The other kind of kitchen cabinets that we don’t offer is ones that are fitted with vinyl pressed kitchen doors. We can get these doors however, we don’t sell these on our website at all. Or through our showroom, unless someone is absolutely adamant that is what they want them.

We will try and talk them out of it and explain all the downsides to these doors if possible as they have no longevity and don’t function well in a kitchen due to the heat and condensation. These kitchen doors are what I would class as a low-quality kitchen door, they are manufactured using an old fashioned technique, where a pattern is machined out of a piece of MDF and then a piece of vinyl is glued around the kitchen door. I would say these have a life span of around 2-3 years if you are lucky. You may have seen these doors. They are the ones where the covering in front of the kitchen doors starts to peel off on the back corner of the door, exposing a sharp brittle vinyl edge that come away from the door. The first place to peel away is around the cooker area, where the glue is constantly getting warmed up and softened, the next place is around the sink where the doors get wet on a regular basis. The other place is above the kettle where the doors are exposed to both heat and moisture from the steam of the kettle.

A lot of kitchen companies still sell these types of kitchen cabinets. They are a low quality of kitchen, avoid them like the plague. If the kitchen you have been quoted for has vinyl pressed doors… grab your coat and run and don’t look back! You will be replacing your kitchen doors in 3-4 years if it lasts that long and we bet the kitchen door you bought has been discontinued by then and replaced with another design of vinyl wrap.

Every kitchen door manufacturer only offers a 1-year warranty with their doors. So get a good quality kitchen door. We don’t sell vinyl pressed kitchen doors or vinyl wrapped kitchen doors, as they go against what we are about as a company, and the service we aim to achieve for our customers. We believe in recommendations and repeat business and you won’t get either if you are selling this kind of kitchen doors.