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Kitchen Corner Wall Units

  • Board :18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard
  • Board Thickness :18mm Egger MFC Board
  • Wall Back Thickness :8mm Solid Back
  • Service Void :19mm Void
  • Wall Unit Height :720mm
  • Standard Availible Widths :600mm
  • Construction :Pre-Inserted Cam & Dowels Ultra fast construction
  • Lipping :2mm ABS Visible edges lipped
  • Colours :11 Colours of Carcasses Available
  • Adjustment :Fully Adjustable Wall hanging Brackets
  • Adjustment :Fully Soft Closing Hinges
Spinning unit video

Have you ever considered this smart way of adding even more storage to your kitchen without compromising its clean and practical appearance? Not only does it look the part in any modern kitchen, but a kitchen corner wall unit is the ideal solution to house items out of sight, whilst still being easily accessible. These units fit seamlessly into your existing kitchen design, meaning they can instantly become a reliable part of your kitchen operations.

If you’re looking to refurbish your kitchen altogether, then standard height corner wall units are a must to consider, so you can complete a polished and smooth finish throughout.

Often, the corner of the kitchen can be disregarded as an area in which appliances sit. Your kettle, microwave, and toaster are usually placed here so they don’t get in the way of food preparation. However, whilst giving you more space to cook, this can often mean that you’re sacrificing vital storage space. To fix this issue, a kitchen corner wall unit is the smartest choice to make the most of your wall space and maximise your kitchen’s storage potential.

Making the most of your kitchen corner wall units

What you decide to do with this extra storage is entirely up to you. Since it’s ideal to have a kitchen wall corner unit above the area where you keep your kettle and toaster, many people choose to store their mugs and other brew-making essentials here. Whatever you choose to keep in your kitchen corner units, it will mean that your other kitchen cabinets are less likely to be over-stocked. This will make it much easier to keep the room neat and tidy.

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we offer kitchen corner wall units with almost all of our complete kitchen units, due to their versatility. No matter which colour or finish you choose, you’ll almost certainly be able to complement it with a kitchen corner wall unit of the same design. So, if you already have a colourway in mind, then we’ll be on hand to provide standard corner wall units that are the ideal fit for your vision. What’s more, we can also work with you to design and manufacture your dream kitchen at a competitive price that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

What is a kitchen corner carousel?

To truly make the most of your kitchen corner wall unit storage space, we can fit your unit with a carousel. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Lazy Susan’, a carousel keeps all your kitchen corner unit contents organised and within easy reach.

This accessory is installed with two or three shelves, which rotate around a central pole. Each shelf can be operated independently of the others for ease of use. The shelves of the carousel are fully height adjustable. This means that taller items, such as olive oil bottles or drinking flasks, will be housed easily.

Kitchen corner pull-out storage

If you’re planning to keep your crockery in your new kitchen corner wall unit, then pull out storage could be just what you need. We can install standard corner wall units with pull-out storage solutions, so that reaching items at the back of your cabinet is straightforward.

Having pull-out storage installed in your kitchen corner wall units will allow you to access cereal bowls, plates, or anything else you choose to store in your corner cupboards with ease.

As with carousel shelves, pull-out storage comes with height adjustable shelves. We also provide an option of an anti-slip coating to prevent your crockery from sliding around when the shelves are pulled out.

Contact our team to speak to us about kitchen corner wall units

Would you like more information on our range of kitchen corner wall units? If so, then be sure to check them out in the colour and finish of your choosing on their individual product pages. If you have any questions that you feel would be best answered by a member of our friendly team, then give us a call on 01765 640 000 or email us at and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also fill out our online enquiry form with questions about our kitchen corner wall units, or to enquire about any of our products and services.